STH WESTCO provides merchants, plumbers and heating installers with the products they need to service every job

Our 57,000 sqft warehouse contains an ever-growing range of over 5,500 product lines, all of which are available for immediate dispatch. In addition, with a pre-packaging plant on site and accurate delivery updates, we provide an end-to-end nationwide distribution service for our customers.

Responsible for bringing some of the world’s most iconic heating and plumbing parts to market, we’re continually introducing new and improved products that meet the needs of our customers.

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With many of our products BS, A-rated and WRAS approved, they can be relied on in any and every situation.

Adding value every step of the way, we’re available to answer any queries you may have, with our technical team on hand to provide pragmatic, experienced end-to-end solutions for larger projects.

We know the UK’s merchants, plumbers and heating installers work incredibly hard to satisfy their customers, so we do the same. Operating at the cutting-edge of our industry, at STH WESTCO we’re perfectly placed to meet your needs consistently, quickly, and always at an affordable price.

Standard Hidráulica is one of the leading solutions manufacturers for:


STH offers a wide range of traditional fittings and fittings for water and gas pipelines, as well as a range of complete valve systems and accessories for multilayer, PE-X, PB and copper.


The STH regulation solutions allow you to provide the correct flow at the right point in a heating, air conditioning or sanitary hot water networks


STH solutions, are based on soft technologies and are respectful with the environment, they offer a healthy and quality water in residential buildings


At STH WESTCO, the satisfaction of our customers depends on the quality of our people and the values we inspire. And, as one of the biggest employers in our area, we take this commitment seriously; having worked hard to create a culture that fosters teamwork and respect.


Our Guarantee

When you purchase or specify any STH WESTCO product, you are acquiring far more than a means of doing a job well. You are investing in unrivalled quality, service, value and reliability that has been nearly 100 years in the making.