Benefits of WRAS approval

Today, 771 million people (1 in 10) across the globe lack access to safe water, 46% of people do not have access to basic sanitation, and nearly 1 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases . The Water Supply Regulations help to ensure the safe and efficient supply of water across the UK. But the use of professional plumbing parts, properly installed and maintained, is crucial to upholding these standards. That’s where WRAS comes in.

Preparing your home for heating & plumbing this spring

As spring approaches and the days get longer, homeowners should be thinking about how to get the most out of their heating and plumbing over the next few months. Indeed, with rising energy costs set to impact everyone across the UK, deploying a few essential tips to save money could make all the difference to household gas and electricity bills. So, how should you prepare your home for the new season?

Ordering from STH Westco has never been easier

Over the past few years, we have worked hard to deliver digital improvements that help our customers get the most out of working with STH Westco and the products we supply. These developments are all part of our unwavering commitment to ongoing improvement.

2022 Plumbing & Heating Industry Forecast

There is no denying that the last two years have been challenging for the heating and plumbing industry. As we look forward to a brighter year, we examine what the sector can expect over the next 12 months and beyond.

Winter is approaching, get your home ready today.

Winter is just around the corner. And, as the days and nights get colder, it’s essential to make sure your home is in the best possible shape for the festive season ahead. Creating a warm and sociable space is especially important this year with people coming together after months of social distancing.

Top tips this home heating season

As the nights start drawing in, and the days get colder, we should all be preparing our homes for the months ahead. Here are some top tips to keep you and your family cosy and stop your energy bill from soaring.

Preparing your home for heating this autumn

As we say hello to autumn, homeowners are starting to think about how to keep their homes warm over the colder months. This year, more than ever, preparing for autumn and winter is crucial, with British households facing significant increases in energy bills as gas and electricity prices soar. But how do you prepare your home for the seasonal drop in temperatures and save money along the way?