Introducing the Clever Choice for Taps & Showers

At STH Westco, we are delighted to introduce the ‘Clever’ range to our portfolio. The Clever Choice for Taps & Showers.

A new standard in taps & showers

Since 1975, Clever Taps has built a trusted reputation throughout Europe for crafting premium-quality taps, showers, and accessories. Today, the brand features smart technology, exquisite designs, durable finishes, and long-lasting cartridges – making it the superior choice for savvy installers.

Advanced Technology

Clever products are loaded with the latest design technology to deliver eco-savings, easy installation, and safety benefits. For example, to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions, the Clever range comes with tech such as:

  • Cold Open. Opens in the cold position and will only fire the boiler if the handle is turned to the hot position, saving energy
  • Aerators with Flow Limiters. Limits the maximum flow, reducing water consumption with no impact on performance
  • Eco Nature. A cartridge which opens at 50% of the flow to avoid unnecessary consumption.

Designed with plumbers and heating engineers in mind, our Clever range also comes with Easy Fix functionality, making installation a breeze.

Outstanding Quality

Engineered for maximum durability, Clever ensures peak performance with long-lasting cartridges and durable finishes. With Clever, you’ll benefit from:

  • Finishes that meet the BS EN248 standard for quality of coating
  • Cartridges endurance tested between 75,000 and 175,000 cycles
  • Pressure testing up to 16 bar
  • Salt Spray and Corrosion Resistance testing on finishes
  • BS EN 1111 standard
  • Products meet both UK and European standards.

Supported by best-in-class warranties of up to 10 years and exceptional technical support, installers and their clients can rest easy knowing Clever products are built to last. This added peace of mind reinforces Clever’s reputation as the smart choice for discerning installers.

Exquisite Design

Clever isn’t just about functionality; it’s also a celebration of style. Crafted in Barcelona by an expert European design team, the range includes exquisite continental designs manufactured to contemporary UK tastes. Benefit from:

  • Ergonomic design principles
  • Beautiful shapes
  • Contemporary styling
  • On-trend finishes.

Whether it’s a sleek minimalist tap or a statement-making shower, Clever elevates the aesthetic of any kitchen or bathroom, leaving clients impressed and installers proud of their work.

Excellent Choice

Clever offers a selection of products across styles, finishes, and price points.

Our comprehensive Clever range offers over 200 UK products, with access to thousands more through our global catalogue. This expansive selection, coupled with nationwide distribution and the option of guaranteed next-day delivery, means installers no longer have to waste time waiting for the essential products they need to arrive.

Exceptional Value

With striking continental designs, a clear hierarchy across prince points, and a curated offer selected for the UK market, Clever expertly combines outstanding quality and exceptional value. What’s more, when you purchase Clever products from STH Westco, you’ll benefit from increased availability and great prices due to our impressive buying power.

First Class Service & Support

At STH Westco, customer satisfaction is our top priority. And, because we understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free buying process, all our merchant customers have access to a dedicated Customer Services Team, headed by a single Customer Services Manager. So you are supported by the same people whenever you call our sales office or place an order.

Adding value every step of the way, our Aftersales Team is here to answer any queries installers have about how to use our products correctly. And, equipped with the latest product insights and expertise, our Technical Department is on hand to provide pragmatic, experienced, end-to-end support for projects.

Providing intelligent sales and marketing support, we also help our merchant customers to promote and market our Clever products. Whether through promotional materials, or visual merchandising support, our partnership approach sees us amplify our customers’ visibility and success.

Make the Clever choice

Clever solidifies our position as your ‘one stop shop’. Providing everything merchants and their installer customers need for their plumbing tasks – both in front and behind the wall. Contact us today to find out more, including how we can help merchants launch and market Clever to their customers.

Our commitment to our customer’s success extends beyond product delivery. Providing intelligent sales, visual merchandising, and marketing support, through our regular updates and social media channels we also help our merchant customers to keep up to date with all the latest industry trends. Pop by and say hello!