Adding to our ever-growing range of 1,000’s of product lines, Westco has now added stainless steel STH press fittings to our portfolio.

Boasting a 25-year guarantee, our stainless-steel STH press fittings are made in accordance with EN 10312. So, installers can be sure of a high-quality product.


The benefits of stainless-steel fittings

Stainless steel offers a wide range of benefits to heating and plumbing systems.

  • Made from high grade 316L low carbon stainless steel
  • Polished finish
  • Temperature range -20°C to 110°C
  • Maximum pressure 16bar
  • M profile
  • Black EPDM O Rings
  • Fast installation time
  • Low expansion

The Westco stainless steel STH press fittings are designed to be used for cold water, hot water, potable water, heating applications.


Fitting the Westco STH press range

To ensure our latest stainless-steel products are fitted correctly, installers should:

  • Ensure the copper tube is cut squarely
  • Deburr the pipe internally and externally to form a smooth edge
  • Check that the ‘O’ ring of the fitting is seated correctly and free from impurities
  • Do not use jointing compound, oil or grease
  • Insert the tube to the full depth of the socket
  • Clearly mark the tube at full depth
  • Aline the fitting with the jaw of the tool correctly
  • Make the press connection, using a suitable M profile jaw.

For further information or to place an order call 01942 603 351 or contact your local area sales manager.


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