Fitting TRVs to a home central heating system can improve both comfort and energy efficiency. By monitoring the air temperature, TRVs reduce water flow through a radiator when the temperature reaches a particular setting. TRVs can also introduce zone control measures, with rooms used often set to a higher temperature to beat the chill, and unused rooms kept to a minimum heat (or even switched off).

At STH Westco, heating products are a vital staple of our product range. And we are proud to supply a series of innovative and popular valves that are loved by heating engineers and installers across the UK. Manufactured to the highest standard, our range includes several innovative heating products only available to Westco.

Key products that have proven to be extremely popular include:

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

According to the Energy Saving Trust – in addition to insulation – heating systems should be the priority for anyone looking to make cost and carbon cuts. And our Thermostatic Mixing Valves are helping to reduce energy bills and waste across the country.

Our ever-popular Westherm Classic blends effortlessly into a room, while the chrome indicator allows you to see whether the valve is on or off at a distance. Exclusive to STH Westco, the Westherm Classic TRV is available in 15 mm angled, straight and lockshield options. With smooth turning and a polished body, this classic TRV is also EN 215 approved and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Our Strata 2 TRV is another popular product. Bi-directional, with a thermostatic head, the Strata 2 TRV automatically controls the ambient temperature of a room. As a result, the Strata 2 TRV prevents unwanted temperature rises and delivers significant energy savings.

Manual Valves

When Westco first launched the Cosmos radiator valve, this was the only valve in the industry to offer both wheelhead and lockshield tops. And today, this has become an iconic and continually sought-after product. You can view our complete Cosmos range here:

Our Nova manual valves are also popular and regularly used by British installers. You can see our Nova range here.

Decorative Radiator Valves

Because looks matter in a well-designed home, Westco has also introduced a sophisticated addition to our Westherm Classic TRV range. The Westherm Classic Anthracite TRV boasts a stylish coal-coloured manual cap combined with a smart chrome body. The Anthracite is designed to complement modern radiators and is the perfect choice for contemporary, fashionable homes.

With a chrome indicator, you can see whether the valve is on or off from a distance. This TRV is exclusive to Westco and comes with the following features and benefits:

• Liquid Sensor
• M30 head
• EN 215
• Key-marked
• Polished Body
• 1.0 Bar flow differential
• 10 Bar rated
• Bi-directional Angle Pattern

The valves and fittings in our highly acclaimed heating series range from stylish chrome TRVs to hardwearing everyday fittings, which have become toolkit essentials for installers throughout the UK.

You can learn more about our full range of heating products on our website.

With thousand’s of products, our own packaging plant, and next-day delivery, Westco has everything your customers need. And with one of the largest ranges of accredited products in the industry, we can also ensure they maintain their safety credentials. Speak to your local ASM or our sales office today and let us know how we can help.