It is a huge privilege to lead the business as we welcome in a new year. And, committed to supplying our customers with the plumbing and heating parts they need, we look forward to a successful 2023.


Having joined as Managing Director in September, I believe Westco is a fantastic company with huge potential. And with products and services that deliver value to our customers, what we bring to the market is second to none. Nevertheless, when it comes to the UK plumbing and heating industry, there are some difficulties ahead.


Rising energy prices are squeezing household budgets and threatening businesses across the UK, and unless urgent action is taken, the energy crisis will push millions into poverty. The plumbing and heating industry will be critical in helping consumers deal with this challenge. In response, energy and water savings (and water labelling) are high on our agenda for 2023.


Customer service, support and satisfaction are also critical priorities for Westco in 2023. Last year, some of our previous Area Sales Managers left our business, and we realise that there was a subsequent drop in standards. As a result of these departures, service levels and communication were negatively impacted. We have already made some improvements within our business to rectify this, and to ensure we meet the high standards our customers expect and deserve.


In November 2022, we appointed Geoff Young as Sales and Marketing Director at STH Westco. Geoff is primarily responsible for our Francis brand of products. He is committed to building a successful sales team that engages with our customers and responds to their needs. Geoff’s appointment is especially exciting as it is a role, we haven’t had for over a decade.


To boost the retention of our current staff – and in turn, client satisfaction levels – we are also making some changes internally to ensure we look after our colleagues as best we can.


From a marketing point of view, we have exciting plans to expand our customer communications and better engage with key strategic partners. Our social media presence will continue to grow as we share regular news, updates and offers from the Westco team. If you’re not already following us on Facebook or LinkedIn, you could miss out!


Committed to supplying our customers with the parts they need to service every plumbing and heating job, we are also extending our range in 2023.


I wish you continued success and a very prosperous 2023.