Disability and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair (Depher) provides vulnerable people with access to affordable and vital emergency works. It relies on public donations to cover all labour and materials, provides free services during winter months, and discounted during summer.

To help this worthwhile Community Initiative Company, STH Westco has supplied various plumbing and heating products free of charge. And we are delighted to have receieved a social media post thanking us for our support.

In a recent tweet, James Anderson, the owner of the not-for-profit company said:

“A massive thank you to STH Westco for your absolutely wonderful donations to Depher CIC today.


“They will do so much good for so many people and families in the community. The cost saved will put food on families tables and gas in their boilers, you are amazing.”


The products supplied by Westco include tap connectors, couplings, valves, TRVs, mixer taps, and more.

Depher provides urgent emergency works such as repairing gas leaks, installing new boilers and heating systems – and providing running hot water to those without it.

Since Depher was launched in 2017, James has supported over 17,000 people. During the pandemic, the initiative branched out to help distribute personal protective equipment and food to the community. In 2021, Depher and James were awarded a Points of Light Award by the Office of the Prime Minister.

You can find out more about Depher, and the fabulous work it does here. You can also make a donation to Depher at www.depher.com.