As a heating and plumbing product specialist, at STH Westco, we always look for ways to help our installer customers. And, with many sites not permitting hot works due to the high-risk nature of welding, soldering, grinding, and torch cutting (amongst other hot work activities), we added a new copper and stainless steel press range to our extensive portfolio.


Fast becoming the alternative of choice for the professional installer, our STH press range is compatible with any M profile press tool.


Here are just some of the problems it solves for installers:


  • Fast installation time

With a time-saving jointing technique, you can install our press quickly. And, of course, there is no cool-down time required.


  • Quality installation 

With no need to solder correctly around the joint of the fitting, installers have the peace of mind that the joint will be perfectly sealed.


  • Saves paperwork

Contractors must adhere to robust controls when undertaking any hot works. This includes making sure that they have a hot work permit. But, with STH press, there is no need to undertake hot work, so there is no requirement for a permit.


  • Saves money

According to Zurich, “15% of all fires in commercial and industrial properties involved hot work costing around £250m in the last three years.” As such, installers must have adequate insurance to cover the risk level. And this can be costly. But, as STH press removes the need for hot work, such insurance is not required.


Press range from STH Westco 


Suitable for several types of applications – including hot and cold water, potable water, heating applications the STH press range is WRAS approved and made in accordance with EN 1254 & EN10312 for stainless steel. Additionally, to ensure product reliability and standards, all products have permanent engraved identification markings, are provided in sealed bags with product identification labels, and come with a 25-year warranty.


STH Westco customers should contact their ASMs to find out more.