As the energy crisis continues, people are looking at the things they can do at home to keep warm and keep costs down. To help, the government has provided some “free, quick fix actions” that people can take to reduce their energy usage.


In its Help for Households campaign, the government recommends the following:

  • Turn your combi boiler flow temperature down to 60°C

According to the government, reducing your combi boiler flow temperature to 60°C could save households up to £100 a year. The flow setting controls the temperature of the water sent to your radiators, and is different to the boiler’s thermostat.

The government does warn anyone over 65, or with pre-existing health conditions, to consider a flow temperature of 65°C, as this will help them to warm their homes quicker.


  • Turn your radiators down in rooms you aren’t using

Turning radiator valves down to between 2.5 and 3 in unused rooms, and only turning them up when needed, could save an average home up to £70 a year. The government recommends against turning off radiators completely, as keeping them at a low setting can be more energy efficient when you need to warm them up. Again, the advice is slightly different for people over 65, or with pre-existing health conditions – and they should ensure a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C.

Proper radiator usage is something we have been passionate about for many years. And we advocate using a holistic range of heating control products – including TRVs – to help achieve the perfect balance of comfort and energy efficiency.


Other recommendations included in the Help for Households campaign include:

  •  Turning off the power switch at the socket, or unplugging appliances when not in use. This could save up to £70 a year according to the government. This is because most electrical appliances draw power even when not switched on.
  • Washing clothes at a lower temperature (e,g, 30°C). This could save up to £40 a year
  • Using the energy-guzzling tumble dryer less.
  • Closing all your curtains and blinds at night.
  • Tracking your energy usage using an app and installing a smart meter.
  • Switching to energy saving lightbulbs.
  • Draught-proofing to stop or prevent heat escaping. This could save you up to £60 a year


You can read the government’s advice in full here.

At Francis Kitchen & Bathrooms, we have an additional tip to help you cut down on your energy usage.

Switch to energy-efficient taps & showers

Our taps and showers use the most advanced technology available to meet the highest quality and eco-efficiency standards.

  • Cold Open. Delivering real energy savings, our Cold Open cartridge system does not mix hot and cold water, so it saves on the amount of hot water used. You simply turn the handle to the required position to increase the temperature.
  • Eco Aerator. Whether you have high or low water pressure, you can save water and money with an aerator and flow straightener. As part of our environmental commitment to reduce water usage, we have fitted many of our products with an aerator, to allow for early aeration at lower pressure. The result is a full and pleasant water stream whilst limiting the flow at higher pressure. So you can reduce water usage without reducing performance. Where a flow straightener is required, this option is available as part of the fitting kit.
  • Tech Air. Our advanced Tech Air system mixes air with incoming water to reduce water consumption by at least 30% in our shower products. It also offers a softer and more comfortable water spray.

To find out more about these, and our other great products, contact us for a copy of our latest Platinum Kitchen & Bathroom brochure today.