Problem Solver stands from STH Westco display a wide selection of products that cater for customers’ everyday purchasing needs. The stands also display other useful plumbing and heating parts and encourage the impulse purchasing of items.

Problem Solver display stands can be purchased complete with a carefully selected range of Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts, with products chosen by retailers who have expert knowledge of their customer’s requirements.

Available in two convenient sizes, both Problem Solver stands are easy to assemble and sturdy in construction. The stands also boast an attractive finish that complements and showcases Westco’s new range of Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts.

Problem solver 1

Available as a countertop or wall hung unit, Problem Solver 1 is supplied with 36 x 4” hooks to display Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts. Problem Solver 1 can be purchased as a complete unit with an array of 36 carefully chosen fast-selling barcoded Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts.

Problem solver 2

Available as a floor-mounted unit, Problem Solver 2 is supplied with 65 x 8” hooks to display a comprehensive range of Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts. Problem Solver 2 can be purchased as a complete unit with 65 fast-selling barcoded Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts.

Westco Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts

Attractively packaged, Westco’s Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts have been designed to increase merchant sales. They provide an eye-catching, quick, and easy answer to customers looking for a fast, effective solution. The bags are made from 30% recycled plastic to reflect our commitment to sustainable practices.

Integrated technology to boost sales

As well as showcasing Westco’s Pre-Packed Plumbing Parts, the Problem Solver stands also come equipped with a QR reader which leads customers to our website and the full range of available products. With our website highlighting critical technical information and product benefits, the stands generate interest and maximise the presentation of products. Ultimately, Problem Solver Stands from Westco allow customers to find the products they need, provide inspiration and solutions, and help merchants to boost sales and profits.

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