With no need for heat, and therefore suitable for ‘no hot works’ sites our STH Press range remains an increasingly popular choice for installers across the UK.

Boasting a 25-year guarantee, our STH press fittings are available in copper for water, copper for gas & stainless steel for water.

Suitable for several types of applications – including hot and cold water, potable water, heating applications – when you buy from Westco, installers can be sure of a high-quality product.

The benefits of our STH press fittings

• M Profile across the range
• Black EDPM O Rings for water applications
• Yellow HNBR O Rings for gas applications
• Wide temperature ranges
• Suitable for ‘no hot works’
• Fast installation times
• Low expansion

How to make the most out of the Westco press range

To ensure our products are fitted correctly, installers should:

• Ensure the copper tube is cut squarely
• Deburr the pipe internally and externally to form a smooth edge
• Check that the ‘O’ ring of the fitting is seated correctly and free from impurities
• Do not use jointing compound, oil or grease
• Insert the tube to the full depth of the socket
• Clearly mark the tube at full depth
• Aline the fitting with the jaw of the tool correctly
• Make the press connection, using a suitable M profile jaw.

Speak to your local ASM or our sales office today on 01942 603351and let us know how we can help.

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