With most of us spending between 30 and 60 minutes in the bathroom daily, we all want a space that looks and feels good. But, when it comes to square footage, many UK bathrooms simply don’t have room for a tub and a freestanding shower. While you can have both with a shower over a bath, some people don’t want to compromise, and when forced to prioritise, it seems that most Brits prefer a shower to a bath.  


Over the last few years, several studies have shown a preference for a good shower, often citing the following reasons: 


  • Showers save time as you don’t have to wait for the bath to fill up. People also take less time in the shower than in the bath. 
  • Many people feel cleaner after a shower than a bath. 
  • A shower is seen as more invigorating than a bath, so it’s a good way to start the day. 
  • Showers are more energy efficient. According to the EPA, it takes 70 gallons of water to fill up a bathtub, while a five-minute shower requires only 25 gallons. 
  • A shower stays at a consistent temperature (or at least it should do with the right shower!), so you don’t need to constantly top up with hot water.  


So, most Brits prefer a functional shower instead of a bath. But of course, there are many die-hard bath fans who still prefer a good long soak. Because baths are viewed as being more relaxing – especially when paired with candles, bubbles, and music, they are an excellent way to relax and rewind. And, while most of us prefer a daily shower to a regular bath, the tub is still an essential feature in most UK bathrooms. Nevertheless, things could be changing. And, with advances in technology, a shower can be just as indulgent as a bath, so it is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds!  

Walk-in showers add an instant wow factor to even small bathrooms, while a powerful showerhead looks great and offers an intense, invigorating showering experience. In fact, when it comes to shower heads, many renovating homeowners are increasing the size of theirs, with oversized rainfall showerheads the style of choice. Drawing hot and cold water, mixing it, and delivering it through the showerhead, mixer showers are also a prevalent choice as they offer high flow rates, whereas thermostatic showers ensure that the water temperature remains consistent while showering, even if someone uses a tap elsewhere in your home.  


There is also growing interest in intelligent showers as people seek to combine energy-saving products with a desire for convenience. With the ability to calibrate and activate the perfect shower wirelessly before stepping in, and warmup features that hold water at the desired temperature until they are ready, smart showers are certainly an emerging trend and one to watch. 


Today, when it comes to bathing or showering, most people want to be as environmentally friendly and economical as possible. And the high cost of water and energy is prompting consumers to look for products that deliver economy and value for money.  Our shower range offers water-saving technology that monitors the amount of water used when showering. In addition, our collection of smart showers has an ‘eco’ setting, which reduces water flow by as much as 33% – without any impact on the overall experience. And, of course, all our showers are as beautiful as they are functional.