For merchants, the promotion of products to installers and other customers has always been an essential part of the sales process. And, despite the increasing use of digital marketing channels, what happens in store remains crucial.

From layout to special offers, packaging, posters and price promotions, visual merchandising can:

  • Maximise the presentation of products
  • Generate interest
  • Help customers to find products more easily
  • Provide inspiration and solutions
  • Increase sales and profits.

At STH Westco, as well as introducing new product lines, our focus has always been on building partnerships with our customers. And, as part of this partnership approach, we help our merchant customers maximise revenue for their own businesses through the provision of sales and marketing support.

For example, to help our customers to maximise sales and raise the profile of their brands, we supply a range of visual merchandising tools. This includes stickers imprinted with our merchant customer’s logos – allowing them to sell Westco ‘white-labelled’ products under their own name. In addition, we also supply quality printed product posters to our customers, which they can use to promote these products in store, while tailoring the price accordingly.

Unleashing the power of visual merchandising with a new cutting-edge service

Taking things to the next level, we have now introduced a new visual merchandising service to help our customers. Through this service we will help merchants across the UK to:

  • Develop creative and attractive store displays
  • Create intelligent retail floor plans that encourage sales
  • Ensure that all our display units are presentable and adequately stocked
  • Ensure that all Westco and Francis displays align with their own brands and objectives
  • Announce promotions, sales, and upcoming special events
  • Increase sales of Westco and Francis Kitchen & Bathroom products.

The service has officially launched in the Midlands with the appointment of Ellie Roe to the Westco team. Researching current industry trends and remaining on the cutting edge of retail visual design, Ellie will also be training our customers to develop their own understanding of visual merchandising to help maximise sales.

To celebrate the launch of our new service, here are ten top visual merchandising tips:

  1. Understand your customers

When it comes to successful visual merchandising, the more you know about your customers, the easier it is to deliver in store solutions that appeal to them. If you haven’t already done so, spend some time figuring out the wants, needs and motivations of your customers and use this knowledge to inform all your visual merchandising decisions.

  1. Make it easy for your customers

Now you know who your customers are, and what they want from you, review your store layout, and make sure you’re helping them to fulfil their needs as quickly as possible. For example, use signage and posters to help them identify and find what they are looking for.

  1. Group and segment your products

Grouping different but related product items together is a commonly used visual merchandising technique because it works! As well as helping to speed up the buying process, by positioning products together you may also inspire your customers to try a something new, maximising the potential for cross-selling.

  1. Utilise your data

Where do your best sales happen? If you’re not sure, invest in some research to find your hot spots. High-traffic areas are usually effective. Experiment and place the products you want to sell in these areas to see what happens, and use advertisements and displays to capture interest in the spots that generate the most traffic.

  1. Give your customers something for nothing

Everyone loves a bargain, so consider using offers and test promotions to spark interest in key products.

  1. Be current

At key points during the year, certain products may be in higher demand than others. For example, spring remains a popular time for homeowners making home improvements such as a new bathroom. Rather than keeping the layout of your store fixed all year round, promote and prioritise seasonally relevant items to demonstrate that you understand the needs of your installer customers and maximise sales.

  1. Promote your products

Take advantage of point of sale (POS) displays to advertise promotions alongside your products. In doing so, you’ll give your customers the opportunity to learn about new products, which could result in higher sales.

  1. Use your space wisely

 Windows are one of the most useful visual merchandising tools at your disposal. Make sure to use yours to promote and inspire sales. Likewise, if you have any outdoor space, consider how you can use this for extra advertising.

  1. Consider the packaging you use

Key to maximising profits, specially designed, strategically placed, retail ready packaging is proven to lead to increased sales. And don’t overlook the opportunity to give your own brand a boost by using your logo on the products sold in your store wherever possible.

  1. Consider all the customer touchpoints.

While what happens in store matters, your offline presence doesn’t exist in isolation. Customers will also look at your website to help the buying process, and turn to social media to help inform purchasing decisions, so it’s important to be “multi-channel”. Customers can contact Ellie to find out more about how to get the most out of their on and offline marketing efforts!

Ellie’s newly branded van is now on the road, powered entirely by electricity. Any customers who want to display Westco or Francis Kitchen & Bathroom products should contact Ellie at