The UK is legally bound to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and to cut emissions by 68% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels. While the government admits that the 2030 target is likely to be missed, it claims it will achieve 92% of the necessary cuts.  


Around 40% of UK carbon emissions are linked to the built environment. And while construction activity accounts for a huge part of this, maximising energy and heat efficiency of homes is also vital, as one of the ways energy is being lost is from heating draughty buildings. 


While the government admits that most of our homes are energy inefficient, in 2022, it said it would not ‘impose’ better insulation on existing homes. It added that the “British people are no-nonsense pragmatists who can make [their own] decisions”. So, while the government has recently awarded £1.8 billion to upgrade social homes and public buildings, it is largely left to installers, landlords and homeowners to make a difference at an individual level in private residences. 


Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) 


According to the Energy Saving Trust – in addition to insulation – heating systems should be the priority for anyone looking to make cost and carbon cuts. And fitting TRVs is one way to keep rooms at the required temperature. What’s more, with turning the thermostat down by at least 1ºC likely to reduce annual bills by up to 10%, it’s no wonder that the Westherm Classic is one of our best-selling products ever! 


But what do you need to know about this ingenious TRV?  


  • Designed and manufactured to the very highest of standards, the Westherm Classic meets the stringent requirements of the European Standard EN215 
  • The TRV also boasts an ergonomic, hand-friendly shaped head, neat vents, and easy-read controls 
  • It has a contemporary design that complements a wide range of radiators 
  • It boasts easy and fast assembly. 


Blending into the room’s aesthetics with a beautifully designed chrome indicator, you can see when the valve is on or off from a distance. This TRV is exclusive to Westco and available in 15mm angles, straight & lockshield options. 


Proper installation and use of TRVs is key  


While many homes are fitted with TRVs, they are often turned up as high as they will go, leading to overly hot rooms and wasted energy.  


Installers play a vital role in advising consumers on which products to buy – and how to use them. And across the UK, these installers are stepping up and helping homeowners to reduce their impact on the environment and their energy bills. 


For example, improving both comfort and energy efficiency, with proper use, TRVs can be used to introduce zone control measures, with rooms that are used often set to a higher temperature to beat the chill, and spaces that are unused kept to a minimum heat (or even switched off). 


While a lot more needs to be done when it comes to insulating homes and meeting energy targets, fitting TRVs is a step in the right direction. And one that can be made without any fuss or disruption.